Sunday Snapshot 03/24/13

Today’s Sunday Snapshot is from AIGA’s Student Pin Up Show Event at BIG studio and hosted by Portfolio Center.

I happen to be a proud board member of both, AIGA Atlanta Student chapter and AIGA AiA Student chapter.


Here is a video of the event by Chuck Obaze from The Art Institute of Atlanta. I’m in this a few times, see if you can spot me. :-D

2013 AIGA PinUp Show from 5 Media on Vimeo.


Ni Hao Yall
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Snapshot Sunday

My self induced photography creative challenge.

I’ve decided to push myself to take more photos and learn more about the technical side of photography. I haven’t been taking photos as much as I used to and I realized this when I went to pick up my camera to take a picture today and it was dusty… Shame on me! Not only haven’t I picked up my camera in months but I obviously haven’t dusted my office shelves in a while either. Embarrassing..

So to give myself a push I’ve decided to participate in Sunday Snapshot created by Ni Hao Yall.

I will try to allow myself the time to pick up my camera and better my photography skills every Sunday, but I will also sometimes include personal photos usually snapped by an iPhone. I hope this allows myself to gain more experience, using my camera, while allowing for days when I just haven’t the time to grab my camera and set it up. Hopefully this will be a fun addition to my blog.

Super camera shots and creative iPhone pics, :-D I’m excited. Yay! Any excuse for more pictures is my kind of blog post.

This Sunday I’m posting my snapshot of our new carpet being installed upstairs. Adam was so excited he snapped this picture to send to me while I was at work.

Once I was home I snapped a few pictures to send to my parents.

What I like most about including these personal snapshots of my life is that it will be great reminders to myself later on to be thankful for my life despite all of life’s many pressures. Sometimes going through my iPhone pictures gives a neat look of what we did that year.

I also still end up using Photoshop to edit the iPhone pictures for the blog so even with phone pics I’m getting some Photoshop practice in.

What do you think? Do you like the addition of Sunday Snapshot to the blog?  What do you do to help remind yourself to slow down and enjoy the moments now and be grateful for your present life despite whatever pitfalls life throws at you?

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Ni Hao Yall

A Quick Update

I am going to make this a quick update on everything going on here with us. Hopefully that will keep me on track since my brain is temporarily fried. Ok lets go…

  • So midterms hit full force here the last couple of weeks and I feel brain-drained now. But the good news is I did well. Thank you for those of you who prayed for me. Prayer always helps.
  • Adam and I have been steadily keeping up with our couch to 5k program and we LOVE it! It is fun to challenge yourself. Last week was particularly challenging since the program amped up the amount of running vs walking a great deal more than in the past weeks. We have been sweating so much that I have been covering my car seats with towels so my car doesn’t smell like a boy’s locker room. It has been so hot here in Atlanta! After our run last week we decided to go to the pool and cool off. It was wonderful. We really should go to the pool more often. Adam bought new running shoes and loves them!  

      Buut… Unfortunately, Pause for dramatic effect: dun dun dunnn …  Adam twisted his knee at work on Monday and we’ve had to temporarily stop our program while his knee heals, Dr. said no running and wear a knee brace till the pain goes away. Boo.. That puts a damper on our October goals.

  • I have decided to join Life{In}Grace‘s Classical Book Club and I couldn’t be more excited! We are starting with The Odyssey and I have found spare time to read it while sitting in a car pool line to pick up this little rascal:         (Random but related side note: I love to read. In high school I used to carry around at least three books ( I always read more than one book at a time) with me at all times, you never know just in case I had a spare few moments to read and I wanted to have a few books to choose from. My public school friends (but not my home school friends, they were like me) would tease me relentlessly about how my head was always in a book. My best friend and I would ride public transportation to the mall and she was annoyed that I would read instead of talk to her.. Oops. It’s ok though, she wasn’t a healthy relationship anyway, probably why I found a book more interesting than her. Ouch. Girls need to learn that a bully is not a friend. I still can’t believe I let her cow-tail me all those years. It was a relief when she ‘dumped’ me. I felt free to be who I wanted for the first time in my life.)
  • Adam is thinking about making a few vlog posts on cooking and such, but he needs a little push. I’ve thought of adding his own cooking site to this one…whenever I find the time..oh what the heck, motivation to build the It’s A Bright Life site to begin with. (Blah, working on my own stuff is rather boring. I already know what I want. I like to be challenged.) If anyone is interested in watching him vlog about making dinner and any recipes he is trying out let me know. We had a few containers of blueberries that were about to ‘expire’ so we turned them into fruit butter and Adam just tossed some plums and apricots that were past prime in too. Modified recipe we used from Simple Bites. It was Adam’s first time canning. He called me to ask questions since I’ve done it a few times. He was surprised by how simple it is to can food. I think he had fun.
  • I am starting to take a few intermediate classes now and my professors have encouraged me to practice as much as possible so I’ve decided to volunteer my design services to anyone who is interested (you!). I need as much experience as possible. If you or any one you know is interested in a beginner-inexperienced designer let me know. ;-D   But seriously I do know a few things, things like basic web design, basic print production/typography, some graphic design and illustration skills, basic to intermediate software knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator/Indesign/Flash Catalyst/Dreamweaver/Fireworks. Contact me I’ve already hit up all my friends and family and have a few little things lined up, but no one really needs anything right now. Bummer.

Well there you go.. Quick update on all that is my life for the last few weeks.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, I tried to soak up the last bit of Summer while I still could. It has been so rainy the last few days here in Atlanta so I’ve tried to be at the pool whenever it has been sunny. Rainy= Fall here so I’m starting to feel fallish already. It isn’t yet fall rainy though so still no need for my cute polka-dotted rain boots. I can’t wait till I can open up the windows and feel cool air come in and not sweltering heat with mosquitoes flying in.  You are welcome for that visual. ;-)

I still can’t believe summer is almost over…time seems to whiz by so fast. It feels like yesterday Adam and I were excitedly discussing our big plans for this summer. We never got around to most of them.

Bye Bye Summer you will be sorely missed come freezing temperatures and I’ll wonder why I was in such a rush for cooler weather.

Couch to 5k


So today was our second day doing the couch to 5k program.

Here is a blurry mid-run shot I captured of Adam, this was all I could manage.


If you remember I said I thought it was a little too easy for me and Adam found himself able to do it, but was very winded…well I take it all back! Last time we ran on a local trail that is mostly flat boardwalk. Of course I thought ‘flat‘ that’s too easy, let’s go to a harder hillier trail this time.
Oh boy!
I was way wrong. I swear I almost died..well I certainly felt like I was dying. I have never run on an upgrade ever in my life. Florida’s flat people! Why did this never occur to me!

Today’s run was one of the worst I’ve ever run…and I once ran so hard during a race I threw up after I crossed the finish line! (I won a ribbon though! Don’t remember which one, didn’t matter)

How did Adam do you ask? Ugh! Don’t ask…in still sore about it. I’m supposed to be the runner and here smarty pants is whizzing by me totally unfazed. Humh. Yeah today was easy for Adam. He barely broke a sweat, while I gasped for air and clutched my chest.
I think at one point I pointed down my mouth and said, ‘no air. Going to die.’

Oiy vey! What a weeney I am.

Last time we ran I gracefully sailed through the air and felt light as a feather…

This time I’m pretty sure I looked like this:


Actually when I was looking for that photo of Hugh Jackman, I found a photo that was exactly what I was looking for, so I have to share. :-D


Haha! That makes me feel much better about myself. ;-D

I hope that those of you who are on the path to better health will find motivation and encouragement. Don’t give up! Remember all the good you are doing!


Images: (source)(source)(source)

Instagram Photos and a Fitness Update

So I realized some of you might not have a way of viewing my instagram photos so I decided to do a instagram update here on the blog. Here are all the photos I’ve uploaded since starting instagram last month.

Super Moon May 5th 2012


4th of July Hats


Happy 4th!


My gift! His art will have to be framed. Such a cutie.


The Tool Master

What a handsome guy. :-)

Driving in my new Smart car

Yes. I look that retarded on a daily basis. This is me.

I love my job!

And those are the mini loves of my life. I will cry the day I’m no longer needed as their nanny.


Pouring rain in Atlanta tonight #Atlanta

Safe and dry inside! #Atlantaweather #smartcar #rain

Yum. Homegrown cherry tomatoes. #yum #adorable

Grocery shopping. :-) #wholefoods #organic

Getting some new frames. Had fun trying all the glasses. #glasses #cooldude #imarockstar

Fabric stop! #joanns #sky #clouds

running errands. Love my car! #smartcar #thebombdiggitty

Guess where we are. :-)

My hair. :-) #hair #redhead

#fabric #diy

At school till midnight. :-( Charcoal still life.

Drawing upside down with tongue out.

Guess what we were up to this weekend.

Roast beef, arugula and spinach, melted mozzarella and grated parmigiana cheese, homemade horsey-sauce-mayo, on freshly baked french bread. With deviled eggs. Yum!

Yes I AM a lucky girl. (Adam does all the cooking. and cleaning..)

How’d I get’em to do that, you say?  Well, he already was a great cook when I met him, then I made ‘the chef’ dinner (my special stir-fry my father loves) when we were dating and became distracted and ‘lightly’ burnt the chicken…ever after in his mind I am “the one who burns food”. So, after a brief few months being upset at his assumption- I AM a good cook!- My mother said, “what-the-heck are you complaining about! Let him do the cooking!”. And that my friends is why I never have to cook. He thinks I can only bake and I’ve taught him all I know so now I don’t have to do that either. :-D Heehee!

Adam and I recently started the couch to 5k program! So far we’ve just done one week, but I found it to be too easy (I’m a former H.S. track star though) and Adam (whose previous sports were kick boxing and basket ball and has never run) found it to be just perfect! He said he dislikes running but likes the cardio of running then walking then running. I’m just happy to be running again. I forgot how much I love it.

So together we give it a thumbs up, it is not too hard. The specific app we are using is 5k Runner: 0 to 5k by Heavy Duty Apps. Our goal is to run a 5k in October.

I’d love to hear from anyone who has done the program or anyone who has any fitness goals. If you have just started a fitness program (like we have) then we wish you Good Luck! and stay motivated. You are doing something great for your body and your soul.



Please Excuse My Absence

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days. It is summer time which equals sick-a-lot for me. Something about going in and out of air conditioning means I get sick. I suppose it is because I get hot and ‘steamy’ outside then go inside where it’s eleventy-below-zero! The south likes their a/c ridiculously cold.

Ive had an awesome week. Between getting my ‘lady gift’, catching the flu, a car malfunction, a surprise bill, some unexpected bad news, major projects and presentations at school, as well as studying for midterms, I’ve been so exhausted I’ve just wanted to cry at some points. But crying takes too much energy, so I just pass out and sleep for days. I’m sure you’ve been there too.

Life sometimes just takes over and drowns you, it’s what makes you stronger and wiser ( in my opinion).

I know that when things are going wonderfully I have the stressful and miserable times to thank for helping me appreciate when everything is good in my life. I see it as character building, heehee. Much rather see the bright side when things seem bleak other wise you can get sucked into a dark pit of feeling sorry for ones self.

On the bright side, everything is going well. We are so blessed in so many other areas in our life, we really can’t complain. I’m better, no yucky flu! Yay!

(Psychology Presentation)

(my little helper)

(my tools of the trade)

I’ve been trying to quickly catch up in school as well as work.
My ‘family’ is all a flutter for the little one who is coming in August! Work has been a bit crazy lately and it is so wonderful. I can’t wait to see Little Holly.

Lane knows what’s going on is pretty excited to see his little sister, but Baby Brooke hasn’t a clue what’s going on and we are a bit worried how she will take having a baby around.

She has been the baby and I think some jealousy might happen, we will see. She is a good girl so I don’t doubt what ever problems arise they will be small.


Adam has been such a huge help to me this last week. I thank God for him every day!

(bath time)

(playing Legos Pirates of the Caribbean)

Well, I’m off to do some more studying. I’ll update the blog soon.
I hope you’all and everyone in your lives are healthy and happy. Have a great weekend!

Sneak Peek Monday

Here’s a sneak peek of what happened in Bright Little House over the weekend. Can you guess? :-D

We had a blast running around trying to find juuuust the right one! We have been looking for two weeks and decided to just go for it. Can you guess? No?





Hope Your Monday isn’t Monday-like.   I’m off sitting in class listening to lectures and wishing America had three day weekends. Now that would be nice.

If you follow me on Instagram I will probably be posting more photos of our weekend. Enjoy your Monday!

Chair Redo Part 2 – Fabric

When we started the chair fix-up-project I decided I wanted the chairs in the kitchen. My reasoning:  We already had enough dining room chairs and we didn’t have any place else in the house. Never mind the fact we don’t have a kitchen table.. that we can find next year. ;-)

With the idea of putting the chairs in the kitch’ I decided we would need fabric that would incorporate the yellow of the kitchen with the black of the chair backs. Not sounding pretty right?   Wrong!    I am now in love with black, yellow, white, and grey!  I knew yellow and grey was a great combo but I hate black and white. ( Let’s just say I bought a black and white tablecloth I thought I loved and after a year decided I wanted to burn it.) But it totally works in our kitchen and the fabric selection we found supported my theory that black and yellow could happily mix.

Part 2 of the chair remodel was the most fun for me, mostly because I got to shop or watch. ;-)

We stopped by good ol’ Joann’s to check out her fabric selection and found some pretty good stuff:

Observe my hunting prowess. :-D

(* Taken with the iPhone )


First up, this colorful fabric. It is fun and bright. Exactly what I wanted. I was all up in this fabrics biz-ness… till Adam mentioned it reminded him of an Italinan bistro.. after that I couldn’t get that image out of my head and ‘the love’ faded fast. The power of suggestion…

Then I found it’s better looking twin and was willing to propose ..

Till I found these beautes! I love the combination of these fabrics. But I only needed one and I wasn’t in love with any of them individually. At least not for a kitchen chair. So on to the next right.

Close up! Loven this for pillows maybe! I think yes.

The next aisle over…

Ahhh ( picture angels over head singing and a beaming light from God. He definitely wanted me to have this fabric. ;-)

CLOSE UP!!  I wuv her. ( Its a girl duh! )  She is purrfect. Even Adam liked it, shocker right! (We don’t see eye to eye when it comes to fabric. I found that out when he bought sail boat sheets for our master bed… I said I wanted blue like-nautical-blue, not sailboats! Silly Adam. ;-) )

} (end of iPhone pics)

SO we grabbed that sucker and headed for the cuttin’ line, which was 50 people long! Holy cow! We waited in line for 10 mins to cut our yards. Lesson learned, don’t go to Joann’s on a Saturday. Then we went home with our prize.

First thing Adam did was set out his tools.

Then he wrapped and stapled, wrapped and stapled. Basically.

Then he attached the seat back.

Then attached the base to the seat.

( Please excuse my messy art studio/office. During school I do things like forget to brush my teeth let alone keep my office clean. At the end of the quarter it usually looks like a tornado came thru. I save up all that mess just for holidays and breaks off from school. Lucky me.)

Once they were all done I stuck em’ in the kitchen to see how they would look.

Just picture a pretty white table, k.  ;-)

I love the clear backs. :-D

Ah, another thing to mark off my list of things I Never Do  To Do. :-)  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Maybe you are planning on getting things done too, or you plan on relaxing and enjoying your weekend. What ever you do I hope your weekend is great. :-D



Sick House

We’re all sick this week. :-(

‘My kids’ came down with strep throat and then I became sick and then Adam. Whoops. That’s what happens when you are around little ones. We all basically slept this week. ‘My kids’ momma is preggers with #3, so we all ( Adam, Bob ‘my kid’s’ Dad, and I ) made sure she stayed clear of us all. Luckily Bob didn’t get sick. He has some pretty important work, so he really couldn’t afford to get sick either. Let’s just say he’s important.

Luckily the kids just slept and moped around.

They are so sweet when they are sleeping, I thought I’d share in the cute-ness!


Sleeping next to Adam:

Tango the cat is keeping a watchful eye:

After nap we have popsicles! This is the best part of being sick!

Here is the pic I posted on Instgram: