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Pinterest challenge: Mission Completed! We decided to DIY a sunburst mirror. Out of all the things we thought of (there were so many) the mirror seemed like the best idea. I happen to be a little obsessed with them and now I finally own one! Yay! Adam ended up doing the mirror with only a little help from me. He was quite tickled with himself and has decided to call himself ‘craft god’. Meanwhile, I decided to do something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while now. I dyed my hair. It is no longer blonde. Now I am a light auburn, or maybe it’s warm golden brown?

Here is what my hair looked like blonde.

Here I am while Adam is making the mirror behind me. I blurred out Adam and the will just have to wait to see that below. ;-)

Here is the after.

I love it and I’m starting to think I should go more red. I don’t know, we’ll see.


Back to the Pinterest challenge.
I knew I wanted a gold mirror in the bedroom against the navy wall and I knew I wanted it BIG to fill up the space. I also wanted it to look as close as possible to my dream mirror.

another option:

We both didn’t want it to look like we made it ourselves..that was our goal anyway. We hoped it wouldn’t look crafty.
Once we decided what to DIY we started our hunt for the right mirror. I looked online at a few other DIY mirrors and determined that to get the most realistic looking (and by realistic I mean manufactured goods sold at a store) sunburst mirror we should buy a circle mirror that already had a frame. I scoured the Internet and found these frames at Wally-World (Walmart) but when we got there a Walmart employee told us that the stuff sold online isn’t sold in store.. Enter sad face. But once we found the ‘mirror aisle’ we spotted the exact set of mirrors we had asked him about.

Obviously employees don’t know everything, but I had hoped they knew what they had in store.

Then we saw this mirror

and we fell in love! It was the perfect size and had a nice thick frame. After we bought it we headed off to Home Depot to buy gold spray paint. And look what we spotted while we were there.

The Walmart mirrors must be a Martha Stewart knock off. They are cheaper so if I decide to do this project again I will buy the walmart ones. (Adam is thinking he might want little ones in the living room.)

Then we went to a craft store and bought wood dowels in 3 sizes.

And 3 packs of 25pcs. small circle mirrors in assorted sizes.

Once home we laid it all out and determined how far apart ea. stick should be, then Adam measured the center and drew guide lines for glueing.

After that he cut the sticks in half and started glueing them down. The hot glue created strings everywhere, so next time we probably will use gorilla glue or something stronger.
We had every other stick large and medium sizes and saved the small sticks for later.

Then he spray painted the mirror and we went to bed. We both had to get up early the next day.

The next day we sprayed the small sticks and laid them out staggering every other one an inch apart.

Then I sprayed a little spray paint onto a Tupperware lid and dipped the edges of the mirrors in the gold paint. I let them dry and then scraped off any paint from the front of the mirror. This created the illusion that the mirrors were inside a metal casing and not just bare mirror glued down to gold sticks. In photos it doesn’t make a difference, but in person it looked much better.

We glued all large mirrors to large sticks, medium sized mirrors to medium sized sticks and small mirrors to small sticks and had enough large mirrors left over to place around the middle.

Then Adam attached wire to the back (the mirror already had rings for hanging) and hung it on the wall.

Doesn’t it look so purty! I’m so in love!
I grabbed things we had around the house to decorate the dresser, but I’ll need to buy a taller lamp (that one goes on my nightstand) and maybe I will buy a candle. I love candles.

I decorated with orange books because they just popped off the dark wall. I also picked the Love Poems book just for the romance. Ooh La La. ;-D   Appropriate, no?

Awhile ago (at Pier 1) we spotted this mirror we liked but thought we could DIY it better, but never got around to it.


While doing this project I stumbled upon the photo of it and thought, “Hey, Looks like we did it after all.” Then I gave myself a pat on the back.

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66 thoughts on “Sunburst Mirror

  1. Wow! I love how the gold looks on the navy wall. What a great job you did. I couldn’t tell it was DIY, I thought it looked store bought. And I love how HUGE it is. It really looks nice on that wall, totally makes the space.

      • I must ask what that color is on the wall. It is almost whimsical with the gold mirror. I made my own startburst mirror last year and it would look amazing on a navy wall! Thanks for the great post.

        • Oops sorry, I meant to say
          Hello Katie! The color on our bedroom wall is Behr Ultra Restless Sea. It really is a lovely blue. Dark but not greyish. Hope it turns out great. Good luck and let me know if you love it too. :-D

  2. WOW! Who wouldn’t pay big bucks for that?!? Looks awesome, you did a great job. Quick question? How did you hold the little mirrors to dip without touching the edges and messing it up..I made a similar sunburst and I love the idea of adding more mirrors!

    • Cindy,

      :-D Why thank you.

      I’m glad you asked. I put hot glue on the ends of Q-tips and let it cool slightly before sticking them on the front of the mirrors, then I could just use the Q-tip to roll the mirror in the spray paint.
      The I just popped the hot glued Q-tip off.
      I have to admit that I only did this with a few before I lazily started to roll them with my hands. I did get paint all over my fingers, so I don’t recommend this method if you wear acrylic nails.

    • Caitlin,

      Well welcome! Glad you visited my little blog! I love YoungHouseLove!
      Thank you for your kind comment. I had hoped we could make it look store bought. Mission accomplished, then! :-D

  3. This is amazing! I have been longing for one of these mirrors but didn’t want to pay mucho dinero…this just may be the solution. What a great job you guys did, so beautiful!

  4. That is so pretty and so something I would pay a ton of money to get. Ditto to everyone else commenting on the navy and gold combo. So classic but current at the same time. I’m definitely pinning this as something to try myself soon!

    • Malie,

      Thank you! I’m delighted you think so!
      I’m really loving the current dark walls and gold combo trend! And tickled you think my project is Pin worthy!

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  8. Simply gorgeous. This absolutely does not look DIY! Mission accomplished. I found you from Centsational Girl. I’m pinning this and hope to start work on one for myself this week. One question, how much did the mirror cost from Walmart?

    • Karen, :-D Why thank you so much! I’m delighted you think it’s worthy of a pin. I hope you do make one yourself, we really love ours!
      The mirror was $19.88. Good luck! :-)

    • rouquinne

      small mirrors came from Michaels along with the dowels, the dowels measure from small to large, 1/8 , 1/4 , 3/8.


  9. I LOVE it, I think it is the best DIY Sunburst mirror I have seen and am going to make one myself. Just curious, how big was the mirror and your overall finished dimension?

    • shaunna

      thanks for your reply, when my wife first came to me with this idea we started out looking at smaller center mirrors, but we decided that if we were going to do it we needed to go big. We had a nice size space in our master bedroom with dimensions big enough for the size we wanted, the center mirror is 20 inches and the overall mirror is 48 inches. I would say to make sure to not go cheap on paint because my idea was a cheaper paint but brittany’s idea was with a more expensive paint and because of that it actually looks like it was dipped in gold, amazing.


  10. I’m pretty bummed…I can’t find that mirror online! It’s perfect for what I’m looking for. Do you have the brand name any longer? I saw in your replies it was $19.88 but even in that price range I don’t see it. Boo to the Hoo.

    • Hi Kimberly,
      The mirror is by Home Trends. I couldn’t find it online either but I’ll stop by my local wallyworld and grab a picture of the sku number. Hopefully that will help you! :-)

  11. Do you know what size dowels you used. and the price of the walmart mirror? LOVE LOVE LOVE the mirror! In my opinion it looks even better than the ones at the stores(: Would love to do this for above my dresser!

  12. This is absolutely beautiful, I got here through Centsational Girl and I immediately pinned this! I am just confused about one thing, it says you bought 3 sizes of dowels, but from what I can tell you used the large ones the first day, and then the small ones the next, so were the medium ones not used?
    Also what spray paint did you use? It looks like real gold!

    • Thebeeinmybonnet,
      Thank you! :-) I’m glad you stopped by and checked out my sunburst mirror. I checked out your blog and I love it! ;-) you have a new follower!

  13. Absolutely loved it! I want to try and copy it for my fireplace, although I’ll have to size it down a bit. I’m a little mathematically challenged here – could you tell me how far apart the dowels are? I saw where you measured them accurately and I’ll need to do the same. Thanks so much for sharing! Love it!

  14. Just saw this on pinterest – I love it! So beautiful. I stopped by our local WalMart and they had the mirror so I’ll be attempting my own DIY version :) Thanks for the great tutorial!!

  15. Love your mirror. Im trying to duplicate it but having aa hard time finding the mirror. Did you ever have a chance to get the sku number?

  16. This is so cute!! I totally want to borrow your idea, but can I ask, what size dowels did you use? Also how can I cut the dowels if I don’t have a saw? One last question, how exactly did you hang this by a wire? I have never made anything like this before. Thanks for your response, I cant wait to get this started!!

  17. Hi

    i am really inspired to make a sunburst mirror after seeing your post. i found everything(though it was bit tough as we dont have wallmart in AUS) but could not find the paint , the kind i m looking for. can you please specify which brand and colour u bougth? so that i can ask the local store to provide something similar. Great post and many thnaks :-)

  18. OMG , the mirror is awesome, if I didn’t know you made it, I would think it cost a couple of hundred dollars. Wonderful. What is the name of the gold paint, and what are the 3 sizes of dowels. Thanks

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