Sprouted Grain Bread

Sprouted grain bread is better not only because it uses the whole grain, but the process sprouted grains go through actually breaks down the proteins and carbohydrates in the grain, increasing vitamin content to the consumer.

The sprouted grain process involves soaking the grains in water until they begin to grow a sprout. The growing environment is highly controlled, including the water temp, air temp, and the time grains are allowed to sprout. Once the grains sprout, they are drained and mixed together to be ground up and used. Before the sprouted grain is used, it is a living food. Enzymes are released during the sprouting process, which break down proteins and carbohydrates. This process helps make sprouted grain food low glycemic and easier to digest. Traditional grain breads are harder to digest, and the body loses a good portion of the nutrients because it is unable to digest them. Sprouted grain breads provide the body with grain that has already been broken down due to the enzymes that exist in the living sprouted grain. Nutrients are absorbed immediately into the body, and are not lost in the digestive process.

The Significance of Ezekiel Sprouted Grain Breads to Healthy Living
The sprouted grain bread concept is not new. Food for Life began sprouting grains over 60 years ago to use in breads. Eating grains is mentioned in the Bible in Ezekiel 4:9, and seeds and herbs in Genesis 1:29. Food for Life has taken these recipes from the Bible and brought it to modern day health food by sprouting them to make them even more healthful. These recipes provide the body with essential amino acids needed for healthy living.

Sprouted grain breads truly unlock the vital benefits our bodies need from grains. Some of the known benefits include: increased digestibility, increased absorption of minerals, increased antioxidants, and increased vitamin C and vitamin B.

I choose to eat sprouted grain breads and sprouted grain products such as tortillas and hotdog buns. You can find sprouted grain breads in most health food stores and in many standard grocery stores.

The brand I love is Ezekiel Bread (mentioned above). You can find Ezekiel Bread products frozen in the health section of Kroger and Publix in the Atlanta area.

Healthy Kitchen Makeover

Hi y’all!
Today I want to share with you how to reorganize your kitchen, pantry and fridge so that success is not just simple and convenient but visually enticing!
Let’s do a healthy kitchen makeover!!
After reorganizing your kitchen, the next step will be to clean up your grocery list and the food you keep in your kitchen.

So let’s get started.

The right tools in the right places!
Each tool that you use on a daily and even mealtime basis should be kept close to the area where you prep your food.  I suggest having the following all in one drawer, plastic container, or cupboard for quick and easy access:

  • Paring knife
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Measuring cup
  • Food Scale
  • Snack size plastic bags
  • Plastic 1 cup size reusable containers

Warning:  Open bags can lead to saddlebags.  You and I both know we are going to keep reaching into that bag of snacks or treats and eat well beyond an individual portion.  Here’s what I do:  Repackage bulk snacks-say, raw almonds into baggies of 14 almonds.  RIGHT when you come home from food shopping take the time to divvy up food by serving sizes.  Use plastic bags or storage containers to organize your food into the right portions.  For example, a portion size of pretzel sticks is 10.  Put 10 in a little bag and put them in the pantry at eye level.  This makes it simple for grab and go snacking!!!

A recent Cornell University Study found that we consume 90 percent of our food mindlessly. We simply eat because it is placed in front of us or because we’ve placed it in front of ourselves.  It’s time to get conscious about what-and how much- we consume.

My suggestion is to open up your fridge and pantry.  Then dump or donate anything that a well-tuned athlete wouldn’t eat.  If that box of lucky charms for your kids is constantly calling your name, ditch it.  Stepping into your kitchen shouldn’t be anxiety producing!  Make it easier on yourself to make health choices by eliminating the temptation of poor choices.

Merchandise your food!
Food marketers play into our impulsive choices by paying millions of dollars every year to have name brand products placed on the right shelf at the right level.  Why do you think all the sugary cereals are placed at your chest level on the shelves at the grocery store?  It’s because that happens to be the eye line of a child sitting in a shopping cart.  Clever!!!

So now let’s talk about placement!!!  You can do this too with the same techniques in your pantry or fridge.
When we stand in front of the fridge, we tend to grab whatever food takes the least amount of time to prepare and that “looks good.”  The healthy stuff, like fresh produce, we hid in the drawer that’s difficult to get to and even easier to forget!  So when you get home I suggest that you unload your groceries, clean and display your fruit in clear plastic containers or bowls.  Place berries and raw veggies at eye level.  You can even buy pre cut veggies if you don’t have time!!!
Arrange your greek yogurt near the berries and veggies. Place healthy whole foods at eye level near the front of the shelf.

When you are building muscle, hard-cooked egg whites are a great source of lean protein, and they’re easy to prep so they’re ready to go!  Boil a dozen eggs on Sunday night, then peel and place them in a large storage bag.  Now, all you have to do is just eat your egg whites on the go whole!

Other fast protein sources to be stored at eye level include prepackaged tuna packets.  Though they store well in the pantry, I keep them in the refrigerator.  Who wants a warm tuna sandwich?

Now when you find yourself staring mindlessly into your fridge, you’ll see the stuff you should be eating!  It’s washed, cut, enticing and ready to go!!

Replace this with that– Look in your refrigerator for regular staples.  Now, do some soul searching and ask yourself if you’re willing to try a healthier alternative.  Do you make the kids PB&J every week?  Would they notice if you picked up sugar free or low sugar jam or jelly?  If you don’t say anything…probably not!  I love cheese but instead of buying a brick of it you can stock up on individually packaged string cheese!  They are portion controlled and appropriately sized.  I don’t have the time to look at the packaging to figure out how many ounces is a single serving.

What about trying lower sugar or organic version of many of your regular condiments?  Ketchup now comes in all natural with no high fructose corn syrup, dijon mustard you can buy with no added sugar.  I substitute sour cream with greek yogurt all the time.  I also never ever cook with butter!  Instead I use coconut oil cooking spray or olive oil in a spritzer bottle!

If you are not sure which brand or version is better choice wise then use an app like Fooducate which allows you to scan the bar codes of two products and do a side by side self comparison. Each item is given a grade based on its nutritional content, which makes it convenient for quick decisions.

Pantry Makeover
Most of the healthiest foods will be perishable and stored in the refrigerator.  Once you have that in order, it’s time to tackle your pantry!
First, let’s decide what you would go to the pantry instead of your fridge for!  Well, often we go for carbs, something fast, something crunchy, something sweet.
That’s fine, but let’s create healthier temptations!

Those foods that are lower on the good for you hierarchy can go in the hard to reach spaces!!!  Way up high where you would need a step stool!
I use the eye and chest level shelves to place the healthiest nonperishable items.  Nothing bought in bulk ever stays in its original container.  I open, repackage, and display those items in inexpensive containers like wicker baskets or square plastic storage bins.  It keeps everything organized and makes choosing healthy so dummy proof that the foods almost jump into my hand.
So here is what you can find on my shelves:

  • Brown Rice Unsalted rice cakes
  • Unsalted Raw Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts
  • Instant rolled Oats
  • Shakeology
  • Canned Low Sodium black beans
  • Canned low sodium diced tomatoes
  • Organic medium salsa
  • Dried Fruit such as craisins, raisins, cherries
  • High quality protein bars like Kind Bars or Chia Bars

Lastly, put things where people know to look for them.  I basically stock the same stuff all the time.  I maintain a list and check off what i need.  But there is no mystery.  No one is opening the pantry and expecting a sudden influx of cookies or chips.  Boring?  YES!!!!  Intentionally!!!  You see, if you never knew what you might get when you opened the pantry, you’d go there first!!!  I don’t want my family to eat from the pantry.  The pantry is where emergency foods live.  Let’s face it, with few exceptions, just about everything in your pantry is processed!  The healthy stuff is in the fridge!!!

Good luck!  Don’t hesitate to message me for additional information or tips to help you get started with your own kitchen makeover!!!

Things to do right now to get started!!!

  1. Remove high sugar and highly processed packaged food temptations from the kitchen.
  2. Survey the refrigerator for frequently consumed foods that can be swapped out for less processed healthier alternatives.
  3. Stock up on small plastic food bags, snack containers, and clear plastic fruit bowls for display.
  4. Arrange prep tools in an easy to reach place.  The fewer steps, the better!
  5. Spring clean your fridge, make room for the fresh stuff.
  6. Divide snacks into individual servings and arrange in the front and center of the pantry!

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How to use Canva for Graphic Inspiration

I scroll through Canva.com’s ideas for Facebook posts and find a ‘style’ or typeface that ‘speaks’ or inspires me.

Then I change everything about it! haha.

Here are examples:

As you can see I was inspired by the rustic colors of Canvas’ example and I liked the typeface and the typeface’s color too.

So after editing  a stock photo of avocados to make it ‘my own’ I added it into the background and updated the text to say what I wanted it to.

Spring Means Parasite Cleansing

Spring is here and, boy, am I glad! I seriously need sunlight to feel good. Spring brings us flowers and sunshine and makes everyone think of parasite cleansing. Wait.. what? hahaha. Just kidding. #butseriouslytho

Actually, I HAVE been thinking that spring is the time to do a parasite cleanse.

After reading an article about how in Traditional Chinese Medicine each season represents one of the Five Elements: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. And since we mirror nature, each of these elements corresponds with an organ system in the body…

An example:
Fire = summer | the heart + small intestine
Earth = late summer | the stomach
Metal = autumn | the lungs + large intestine
Water = winter | the kidneys + bladder
Wood = spring | the liver + gallbladder

“Spring is a time of rebirth, sudden growth, and rapid expansion. We now find the will to initiate and execute projects that have been contemplated, but not yet begun. Spring is creative, volatile, and powerful and so are we as we enter this phase in our annual cycle. The organ that represents this season is the Liver, tasked in Traditional Chinese Medicine with the job of instigating movement and arousing the mind by allowing tension and pressure to build. If the liver is out of balance, we can feel angry, irritable, frustrated, and stuck.”

I realized that NOW was the perfect time to do my parasite cleanse! I’ve been meaning to do it now for awhile, but it never felt like a good time. Either I was missing parts of my cleanse ingredients or I had an event coming up that I didn’t want to have cleanse bloat for…every time I managed to talk myself out of doing the cleanse.

But for some reason ever since it has been sunny outside and spring has been in the air.. I all of a sudden want to do everything I’ve been putting off (including the dreaded parasite cleanse!).

So. Now I’m mentally ready to kick.this.thing.in.the.keister! Booya!

{I already know I have liver issues (and possibly gallbladder issues), but in keeping with the Dr. Hulda way, I will complete the parasite cleanse first before I move on to kidneys and then liver/gallbladder. So while Spring may equal liver/gallbladder..I might be doing those in the summer}

The first time I did this cleanse I didn’t finish. I found out about the cleanse for the first time from my fellow coach and friend Lindsay Stay. She herself was going through some health issues and had done a lot of research trying to get her health under control. I already knew from participating in a sugar detox group with her that we were kindred spirits (and holistic divas) so when she posted about creating a group to do the parasite cleanse with her I was ALL on board!

But unfortunately I did not properly prepare for the cleanse and did not buy enough of the tincture and ran out after just two weeks. Then life as it does, got in the way.

But what I learned from the experience (and the group) was invaluable. And I’m better prepared this time!

Things I learned:

  1. You need enough tincture to do the FULL cleanse (and possibly several rounds of the cleanse)
  2. The tincture we all bought tastes terrible!! Gag!
  3. The bentonite clay and phsyllum husks, while it may protect you from toxic buildup, is very constipating and most of the group experienced severe bloating (and complained of looking very pregnant because of it!)
  4. The first three days are extremely hard, but after day three you start to feel euphoric and have great clarity and energy!


This time I will do the cleanse a little differently. I decided to try TriLightHealth‘s parasite cleanse to see if it is just as beneficial as Dr. Hulda’s cleanse protocol.

I found out about TriLightHealth through the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. One of the bonuses of purchasing the bundle was to try a free 2oz. sample of one of TriLightHealth’s products. I opted to try the Liver Cleanse, LivCare, because it said something about complextion. After using the whole 2oz. I found my skin to be completely clear even during my cycle and feel the product worked great and it TASTES GREAT! Like wow! Really tastes great.

parasite cleanse kit

So I thought if their WormOut has the same ingredients needed as Dr. Hulda’s protocol, and it tastes WAY better…. Why the heck not, right! So this round will be with the parasite kit from TriLight. Which uses 10 days of Kyolic Garlic Capsules precleanse and NOW Gr8-Dophilus Probiotics. Since Dr. Hulda’s protocol calls for psyllium husks as a fiber to get the bowels moving, and I found the psyllium and bentonite clay to be very constipating. I thought I would take a fiber capsule that has a psyllium husk free fiber source. I’ll be using FiberSMART capsules (which also have probiotics in them, so, bonus).