How-To Get Rid of an iPhone Pop-Up!

I made this for my mom after she sent me a text message saying she couldn’t get rid of a safari pop-up on her iPhone, but I figured there are other people who might benefit from my little tutorial.

She sent me a screen grab of her iPhone Pop-Up and it looked exactly like a pop-up I had several months ago.

Her pop-up was a much more obvious scam, most people are wary of ‘sure win’ or ‘congratulations you’re a millionaire’ type stuff, but my pop-up was something someone less familiar with Apple and iPhones (someone like my mom) would believe.  
A few months ago I got an annoying and relentless pop-up that said I had been selected by Apple to win an iPhone 7 (which I knew there wasn’t such a thing, at least not yet. Big red flag.) and the pop-up wouldn’t disappear without my pressing the OK button. So I decided to power off and then back on. Luckily that was enough for me to be able to open safari pop-up free so I could google “iPhone 7 pop-up scam” to see if anyone else got this annoying pop-up too. And I found this article on an Apple discussion thread.

Apparently (from what commenters were saying) the pop-ups are (usually) from downloading a new app that has some bad-ware hijacked to it so you unwittingly download that bad-ware. I’m not sure if this was what happened to me in my case, but I decided to do what several commenters suggested (just in case).

First I double clicked the Home Button:

Then I slid the Safari page UP:

Next I went to Settings and to Safari and cleared my history and website data:

After all that I powered off my iPhone, then restarted:

Voilá! You’re done!

I haven’t had ANY problems with a pop-up since. It has been 6 months and two iOS updates since my pop-up. ☺️

Good luck! I hope this helps you!

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