Getting Back To Normal

Leading up to Summit Adam and I were hard core eating healthy and working out!

We managed to trim way down and I was delighted that I could wear crop tops to Nashville. This was the first time in my life I felt comfortable showing a sliver of stomach! Hallelujah. Heehee.

I felt AWESOME! 

I had done the 21 Day Fix Extreme program using the Countdown to Competition eating plan and I really noticed a difference in the flattening of my tummy. 


But then we came back from Summit and we had several days of cheating and fun, then we had a week long vacation that we completely relaxed and let ourselves have way too much fun. Before we knew it we had out funned all our hard work. *sigh*

What made it worse was the Holiday season was coming up and the typical weight gain over the last few months of the year was looming over me. I was a bit concerned I would gain on top of the weight I had.

I was disappointed I let it get that far, but I was confident in my ability to whip myself in shape again. Once you’ve done it it is much easier to do it again. Your mindset is so different than when you are starting for the first time.

So I set out to do something I never thought I would do, Insanity!

I truly truly never ever ever saw myself doing Insanity. It just didn’t look like fun. I had finally reached a point in my fitness where working out was actually enjoyable so the thought of doing something that would intentionally be the hardest thing you could ever do… Well that was not something I’d ever do.

But I all of a sudden just decided to go for it. I have no idea what I was thinking or how I even got it in my head that I could do it, but I told myself it would be a good challenge and I was scared. I was afraid I would, in fact, be unable to do it and I didn’t want anyone to see me fail.

I felt deep down that maybe it was time to push myself to something harder (mentally) and try to expand my idea of what I can do.

Scary?! You bet! 

But I believe in over coming obstacles and challenging myself, to grow as a person.

So here I am, finally doing INSANITY!!! 

This Is Not A Diet

not a diet but a healthy lifestyle


Did you know that I have lost 30lbs!


Actually I’ve lost WAY more than 30lbs if you count all the times I’ve lost 10lbs then gained 5lbs then lost 8lbs then gained 2lbs.. hahaha.

It is SOOO much more than just WEIGHT, I am SHAPING my MIND!

For me this is not a diet, it is not a fad or trend.
I am CONSTANTLY learning, growing, diving in deeper.. falling off the wagon.. JUMPING back in FULL FORCE.. struggling EVERY.DANG.DAY and SUCCEEDING!

It is a LIFESTYLE CHANGE for me.
I want to LEARN as much as I possibly can about being as healthy as I can. And I have changed SO much since starting my journey. I am a different person.

AND I am learning more and more how to help OTHERS get in shape and make HEALTH a lifestyle change for them too! It is no longer JUST ABOUT ME!!
I have a OBLIGATION to society to help others CHANGE THEIR LIFE and the life of their FAMILY BETTER!! <3 <3 I have researched the heck out of gut health, diabetes control, IBS, skin disorders, etc. I’ve just finished my THIRD ONLINE COLLEGE NUTRITION CLASS to help me BE BETTER!(and NO I am not interested in getting a degree or changing my profession, just picking and choosing what I want to learn FOR ME- I have no desire to change professions right now) All I want is to STAY CURIOUS! To KEEP LEARNING and continue to better the world a little everyday, one person at a time!

We should all do our part to BE HEALTHIER and help those around us to be healthier too!

Pass it on! Keep learning! Team up with a friend.

If you are stuggling with losing weight or eating healthy and would like to join my next 30 Challenge contact me and fill out this form.

I would LOVE to help YOU become SUCCESSFUL.

It isn’t about SIZE, it isn’t about numbers on a scale!! It is about YEARS OF YOUR LIFE added!!